About Us


Our Approach

Frank's Original is a simple hot dog stand that prides itself on quick, simple, good food. We take pride in serving Chicago-style hot dogs (in our humble opinion, the best hot dogs in the world!). We try to have the freshest ingredients--like our hand cut fries.

Due to our Chicago upbringing, Frank's wants to be a good neighbor withing the Lake Geneva community. From sponsoring Little League teams to slinging hot dogs at summertime festivals, we want Frank's to be a place you can take your family!

Our Story

Frank's Original was founded by three Chicago guys who've known each other since grade school. Each of them remembers vividly the hot dog stands of their youth: from running after school to the local hot dog stand hangout, or enjoying a dog after a Little League game, to stopping by the old haunt during a return trip from college. We've always wanted to share our experiences and nostalgia for the hot dog joints we frequented. Now we have the opportunity to do so in Lake Geneva! Don't worry, we promise not to let too much of our Chicago-ness leak into the eco-system.