hot dog stand


This is the story of a hot dog stand and its owners.

As we begin making Frank’s Original a reality, we’re going to share our journey with you. That way when we get to the destination together, you’ll be that more vested in eating delicious hot dogs when you understand the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this venture.

When things become a little more concrete, we’ll share the story of how the idea of Frank’s first appeared in our Owner / General Manager’s head. Til then though, we’ll tell you what we’ve done so far:

  • Filed for incorporation as a Limited Liability Corporation
  • Completed the first draft of our business plan and financial forecasts
  • Bought the domain, set up the hosting, and put in place other IT tools for
  • Set up a business Post Office Box
  • Completed taxes, payroll, permits, and licensing paperwork
  • Scouted locations
  • Got our friends to help us out by designing a logo
  • Other high level planning

We’ll have more updates as we have them! Maybe as soon as this weekend!

The Frank’s Original Staff

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